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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Something a Little Different

Oh, I am the very worst blogger. A few main reasons: I have a toddler and am pregnant with another; and most of the current homeschooling thoughts and ideas I have, I've come to realize that I feel they are still private. So I guess I'm not ready to blog about it all yet. Heh. Not that anyone reads this, but if they did...

The other main issue is that we know we're going to homeschool, we're very happy and comfortable with our decision. Not a lot of grist for the blogging mill. Instead, our big project right now is two fold: save as much money as we can, and make our diet significantly healthier.

Thankfully, these two projects help one another rather than hinder. We almost never eat out, and Andrew takes a lunch with him every day to work. We're also in the process of cutting out most processed foods and making more and more items from scratch. As Audrey gets older, she's able to start observing and helping in the kitchen -- even a few months ago, doing much involved kitchen work was almost impossible because she was still a little too clingy and too flighty to help.

Today was our first foray into using some of the powdered milk we bought. First we made some hot cocoa [yum], and then we reconstituted some regular milk and mixed it about 2/3 - 1/3 with some 1% we had in the fridge. I'm going to let that sit overnight and see how that tastes in the morning. Most of the milk usage in the house is in recipes or steamed up in the morning for Andrew's coffee, so I think we'll be able to make the switch pretty painlessly.


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