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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our Frugal Baby, Part I

Over at 2million's site, we've been discussing in his comments about the fallacy of having kids blowing your budget. I believe that just the culturally entrenched ideas that if you get married you have to have the diamond and white dress and all that crap, there are similar ideas about babies.

So, if you have a baby, you have to have a crib, a stroller, a changing table, cute little brand new outfits, bottles, formula, a mobile, jarred baby food, all that junk. And that junk is expensive. And all of it falls under "want" vs. "need." You hardly even think of them as choices, because "everyone" does it. *** We have a few things on that list. We found we hardly used any of it, and what we did use, we could have easily done without.

Now with one toddler, and another child a few months away, we spend less than we did before our first child was born. How is that possible? Well, we don't go out as much anymore, for one thing. And it's harder to do things like watch movies, so we certainly don't go to the theater, and we rarely get dvds anymore, either. Becoming parents made us even more of homebodies than we were, and that is not an expensive lifestyle to maintain.

*** I'm not going to go into the whole "But I couldn't breastfeed!" angle. If you're sensitive about this -- and some people really, really are -- I'm not making moral judgements here. Some small percentage of women really can't, and I have friends in that category. But for everyone else it's a choice, an expensive one, and that's the point of this post. Our baby couldn't latch for the first three months of her life. I had to pump every two hours around the clock to bottle feed her expressed milk, so I know about overcoming nursing difficulties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, just happened on your blog! If it wouldn't be too much work (or too much noseyness), could you make a list of the things you really do think are worthwhile to get for kids? Slings, # and type of clothes, that sort of thing? It would give me a good place to start from. :-)

1/27/2006 04:42:00 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Hello and Welcome!

If you happen to come back here instead of to the main page of our blog, we posted a response to your question. I hope it helps!

1/27/2006 07:21:00 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Thanks for having the courage to say that about breastfeeding! I pumped and cried for three weeks before paying $75 for a lactation consult. She had us going strong in five minutes...and happily nursing for the following 13 months :)

2/17/2006 08:23:00 AM  

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