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Friday, December 30, 2005

Our Frugal Christmas, Part I

We had a great Christmas, and a relatively inexpensive one. Admittedly, that's pretty easy to do when you only have one kid so far and she's only 2 years old. She had a lot of small presents, and a fair chunk of them were from the local used toy store. I wrapped them in shiny foil-like packaging, and I think she liked playing with the boxes and bows and stacking them in different places more than she liked opening them. In fact, I'm thrilled because she wasn't too interested in opening them. We'd cajole her into opening one, and then she would just want to play with that one, not open another. So it took us two full days of that to open her presents. I'm not complaining!

I waited until, hmm, it was either Wednesday or Thursday to get a Christmas tree since that's when they go on big sale. I was able to get a really nice looking pre-lit artificial one for about 60 bucks. We used two cannisters of Big Lots plastic glass-looking bulbs [important with a toddler, and only 15 dollars total] and a Big Lots star for the top, 4.99. My mom donated an old hand-crocheted skirt for the bottom, so we came in under 100 dollars for a nice looking tree we can use again.


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