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Friday, December 30, 2005

Our Frugal Christmas, Part II

After nearly a lifetime of money-sucking hobbies, I am relieved to note that almost all of our Christmas presents were things that were more designed to save us money than to make us spend more.

Case in point, I noticed this afternoon that we were running out of yogurt and I went to put it on tomorrow morning's grocery list when I remembered, "Hey! Didn't we get a yogurt maker this year from my Godmother?"

I just pulled our first batch out -- made with a scoop of leftover yogurt, 3 cups of reconstituted nonfat powdered milk [with extra powder for protein] and 1 cup of leftover heavy cream from Christmas ... and, yum, it is good. The bit of heavy cream in there gives it that "Brown Cow" brand yumminess, but for way, way cheaper.


Blogger mapgirl said...

Hello! I found you are linking to me through Blogshares. I really liked this yogurt post and I think you should send it to Madame X at Open Wallet for the PF Bloggers Cookbook.

Thanks for linking to me!

2/18/2006 07:56:00 PM  

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