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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Where Audrey learns to Cook

Audrey is really interested in cooking. I suppose since I do quite a bit of it, she wants to know what the heck Mom is up to.

Her first "recipe" that she learned and has been able to make [with help] in the last few weeks is guacamole, which she charmingly calls "avocado seed" after the first step of cutting the avocado in half and popping the seed out.

Today she was rummaging through my stash of Christmas cookie ingredients and fixated on the white almond bark. She brought it to me and said, "Audrey cook." So, we melted it down on low in a heavy bottomed pan and then stirred in a cup of peanut butter. Into a pan and then into the fridge. Boy, was she thrilled a few hours later when she got to eat her first piece of "fudge."

Later on, she helped me make a lentil/brown rice salad, and then jambalaya for dinner. She's really starting to get in there and help!


Blogger Sculpin said...

Wow! I didn't learn to pop the seed out of an avocado until I was, like, twenty-five. Yay Audrey!

12/14/2005 08:52:00 PM  

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