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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Other New Baby Costs

As we are coming upon the third trimester for the next baby, I've been taking a look at what the costs associated are going to be.

  • Midwife: $~2k, but less than that, because of the Health Savings account

  • Birth/Post-Partum Doula: $900, a luxury, to be sure, but she worked with us with Audrey, we like her, and we don't have any family in town to help with Audrey and our household needs before, during and after the birth. This is also HSA material.

  • Diapers: ongoing, but I'll probably buy about 40 bucks worth to start us out. Other diaper changing gear - wipes, rags, cream -- we already have on hand for Audrey

  • New "parts" and freezer bags for my Medela pump: 70 dollars? I could conceivably just sterilize the old stuff, but I used it so much that I think it would be worth starting fresh

  • Almost all of Audrey's old clothes and swaddling blankets were yellow, green or orange, so he's good to go for a long, long time clothes-wise. He'll be in bed with us in the Snuggle Nest [like Audrey was] until he's robust enough to sleep without worry of being rolled onto. Not that that has ever been an issue for us -- I am an extremely light sleeper and perhaps too in tune with where the little ones are when I'm next to them. But there's no reason not to be safe, anyways. He'll be on the other side of me than Audrey so I shouldn't need to worry her rolling on top of him, either. Good thing we have a big bed. The cat will just have to be content at Andrew's feet.

    Audrey's car seat is still good [and no recalls], we never used the stroller or crib anyways [maybe we should sell them?], and my old sling didn't get too stained, so I don't think I need a new one of those, either.

    As long as we *knock on wood* don't have any complications with the birth, it shouldn't be too expensive. Babies just don't need that much. Heh.


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