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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's Frugal Moves

Well, yesterday's goals ended up being totally off-base. I didn't end up making homemade ketchup because I remembered we still had a fair amount of store bought in the fridge, and I have nothing on the meal plan in the next week that calls for it. So, uh, yeah. Heh. Maybe another week.

And I didn't end up making pizza dough because I saw we only have about a cup's worth of whole wheat flour left after making the lemon thyme loaf cake thing the other night.

But I remembered that Albertson's was having an 8 hour loss-leader sale from 3-11 yesterday, so Audrey and I headed up at 2.45 to pick up flour, bananas, and everything from their sale that we thought we could use. Audrey and I are going out of town for a few weeks soon and Andrew will be left to his own devices, so I picked up some of the frozen pizzas, 3 for 5 dollars. I've been gathering these up for him everytime I see them on big sale, so he's got about 10 or 12 in the freezer now for when we're gone.

[As Andrew said the last time we came in from out of town, "Can man live on pizza alone? Apparently, he can!"]

So I did end up spending money yesterday, but it was less than 40 dollars, and it was almost all deeply discounted pantry stock up. I also made some really, really good homemade blue cheese dressing to go with the Buffalo Turkey Wraps I made out of Monday's leftover Turkey Breast. Cheaper than the "good stuff" you can get at the store, probably on par with the cheap stuff, but way, way better tasting.

Today I'll make the pizza crusts. No, really!


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