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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog Housekeeping

Andrew has been fiddling with Other Blog Solutions lately, and it turns out that one of the tools for slurping up the previous posts out of blogspot to transfer to another system can kind of mess things up. Oops. I'm not sure if anyone even reads this blog on a regular basis, but if so, you may have noticed that it was completely borked without a template for a day or two, and we've also lost our links on the side and paragraph breaks in previous posts. I'll be working on getting those back.

Or maybe I'll just move to one of the other test sites he's been fiddling with.


Blogger Cindi said...

I read it every day so if you do decide to move please leave a forwarding address. I didn't notice the links, but, I did notice the template...I thought it was just my computer!

3/08/2006 06:18:00 AM  

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