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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Do I Need to Buy For the New Baby?

I'm about 32 and a half weeks pregant now, so I need to get moving on getting things ready for the little guy.

I've been on the lookout for good deals on diapers [I decided not to switch to cloth for this guy, though I kicked it around for awhile], so I've got a bit of a stash already. All other diaper changing gear [wipes, cream, rags, etc], we already have plenty of since Audrey is still in pull-ups.

I haven't ordered a Medela parts kit for my old pump yet, and I need to do that. That's about 25 bucks. I know you can reuse the parts with yourself, but I gave my pump a thorough thrashing before Audrey could finally attach at three months, and looking at the old thing ... it just doesn't feel like even a thorough boiling and sterilization procedure is going to make it feel clean again. Oh, and I'm going to need new milk freezer bags, too. That'll be about 17 bucks. Again, I'm paying more than I have to here, there are cheaper varieties, but these will hold up for 6 months in our deep freezer. So if we don't need them in that time, I can donate them to the Mother's Milk Bank, like last time.

I picked up a handful of "new" outfits for Little Guy at the thrift store in MN, practically brand new stuff for about a dollar a piece. Didn't feel bad about that, though I'm sure I could have made do with Audrey's unisex hand-me-downs.

The freezer is already full, but mostly with meal "parts" rather than completed meals. I'll want to change that ratio a bit before he arrives, because I won't want to be doing any cooking for awhile.

I think that's really all that's left to purchase. [I'm not counting the actual cost of the birth, etc.] Lots to do, but not lots to buy. That's a plus.


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